Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday, March 28, 2010

early 2010 photos from Port Townsend parade

click on image to enlarge- parade staging area in Port Townsend

parade getting ready to march

Dale Brown from Prosser Wa. plays music on the flatbed truck this year

Elaine Feten dances to Dales music before the start of the parade

Dennis' van announcing the parade to people driving by

The Sequim Vineyard group is not shown here, but will be seen on the video coming soon.
We had people from Sequim Vineyard Church, Storehouse Church in Poulsbo, New Life Church in PT, Evangelical Methodist in PT, San Juan Baptist in PT, New Song Foursquare in PT, PT home fellowship,

There were many helpers: food- Bob Fitzpatrick, Charlotte Clarke & Andrea Bean
video- Buzz Wenzell
music: Dale Brown- Prosser Wa; Jonathan Simonson and his wife and several Sequim Vineyard folks
promotions- Gary and Joyce Todd
prayer- Elaine Feten, Andrea Bean, Ron Franz
Parade organizer-Dennis Feten/Charlotte Clarke
Flatbed truck- Jim Eades from Hope Roofing
Staging area- thanks to Keith Harper
Port Townsend Police & volunteers